We have developed strong relationships with the top best traders and monetizers in the world to facilitate the monetization of Bank Instruments for our clients by devising the monetization against owned bank instruments such as BG's (Bank Guarantees), SBLC's (Standby Letter of Credit), MTN's (Mid-Term Notes), and other banking and financial instruments in order to obtain the right funds for financing a project.

Monetizing bank instruments is the process of liquidating such instruments by converting them into legal tender. Many people refer to this as funding or financing since you are essentially obtaining cash on the basis of the Bank Instrument face value. In order to initiate monetization of a Bank Instrument, you need to be in possession of the instrument and payment must be done prior to requesting monetization of the instrument. There is never any upfront fees.

If you want to monetize your Bank Instruments from top banks at a good and fair LTV contact us on this website and we will reply promptly. We would be very happy to assist you with this process.